About McCaughey septuplets

Who are the McCaughey septuplets you might ask? They are the world’s first set of 7 babies birthed that have all survived. They were born on Nov. 19, 1997. Parents, Bobbi and Kenny, live in Carlisle, Iowa with their family of 10; seven of whom were born on the same day. Bobbi says that, “From the time I was little, all I ever wanted was to be married, have children, and be happy.” They tried three years to have a baby and finally, with the help of a fertility drug called Metrodin, they had a family at last. A baby girl was born, Mikayla. A little later, Bobbi thought Mikayla needed a brother or sister. Again, with Metrodin they conceived. This time the results were drastically different; seven babies! Even though a normal pregnacy lasts 40 weeks, Bobbi was able to stay pregnant for 30 weeks and 3 days; astounding her doctors. The secret of the pregnancy was kept shockingly quiet by the family’s home town. But by almost the end of the pregnancy, the news broke worldwide. From the start: Kenny, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon, and Joel (in birth order) were stars with the world. Everyone wanted to know their story. And a huge controversial issue followed. Some say the children are an act of science because of the fertility drugs, others say a gift from God that they all survived. Enjoy my site on this amazing family and see their journey as the first set of septuplets. They truly are ‘Seven From Heaven’.